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vehicle ID

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Hello, how can i make something thins?


I want set id for each vehicle which is spawned. Then i can create /getcar command. I dont want to save this forever.


local vehS = 0

function createVeh(player,CMD,veh)

local vehName = getVehicleIDFromName(veh)
local x, y, z = getElementPosition(player)

    if vehName == false then
        vehS + 1
        theveh = createVehicle(vehName,x+5,y,z)    



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Okay, so you asked a question, but you already have the answer as well, what do you expect from us..?

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So, what you want  from us?To create a getcar command?If so, here it is:

function getCar(c,p,id)
  if not id then outputChatBox("Please enter a valid vehID",p) return end
    for k,v in ipairs(getElementsByType("vehicle")) do
    	if getElementData(v, "vehID") == id then
      		setElementPosition(v, Vector3(getElementPosition(p)))
      		outputChatBox("Here it is!",p)
    	outputChatBox("Invalid vehID",p)
addCommandHandler("getcar", getCar, false,false)


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No. :D So i tried to create  the "cv" command, but when i create the vehicle, the  "vehS + 1 not changing, so something wrong with that, i need help with that.

so the car id is always 0 or 1..

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ahh, vehS = vehS + 1

The problem was, that u didnt saved the last number.

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