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doesnt seems like I am connected to a server


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When I join a server the MTA window says that Im connected but I cant find any other players!

When I checked if I was in the player list in ASE I wasnt!

can someone plz tell me how to get this thing to work without flickering or confusions?

excuse my bad english

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Doesn't make any sense got v1.1. I connect to a server....get this problem if it wants me to replace it...than after I say yes get a DLL problem and after that finishes up, and I'm not connected to the server for any reason. We all need help to how to get on :!:

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same problem here. Is the problem that you connect to a server, and sometimes It has players, and sometimes it doesnt? It doesnt make sense, it is very rare for me to actually get on a server that has players MOVING around and driving vehicles.

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getting it too... i get orange in the box, sometimes it flashes to a lighter shade of orange though, and me, that didn't help because that is ALREADY WHAT I DO.

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i get that same problem to its like the server crashs or i drop out for some reason...

In the manuel it says in the Interface window look for the small box next to Connection Status and see if its blinking.

i connected to a server and was playing with another player driveing around Portland them Stauton island for a good 20min, shortly after we both got to Stauton island via the undergound road tunnel we both got near the stadium and the other player's car stop moveing.

I pressed ALT-TAB and checked the interface window the small box next to Connection Status stop blinking and was orange, i check ASE to see if the server was still up but it was gone.

If the small box stops blinking i found that disconnecting reconnecting to the server (if it still there) sometimes helps

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