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n00b escaping tricks :D

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Well here are some tricks used to escape n00bs chasing you in cars.

1. Go to the runway that has 2 jumpable ramps and accelarate (hell follow you) then when you come to the ramp, use your handbrake and turn left or right. Youll slide off the ramp but not jump off it into that parking lot across the ramp.

2. If you are on a PCJ, and the person following you is in a car, use the leaning trick (LOL)

3. If you are in another bike than pcj, go to a ramp and jump off when your bike goes off the ramp.

Post some of your tips too.

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  • MTA Team

My favorite getaway trick requires a small, flat as possible vehicle. Good example is the Stinger. Well whatcha do is drive towards ammunation stairs at a speed they can keep up with. Then you drive up the stairs and they quickly pursue, as they have to if they are to make the roof. Then, you slam on the brakes and stop at the top of the stairs. Watch the car sail and then tumble like a tumbleweed and usually burst into flames, as you back down the stairs and speed off in the other direction.

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