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Yes, Its an another one annoying question from me, i have a vehicle menu where the player selects which vehicle he wants to spawn/hide unlock etc... the menu finds the player's owned vehicles through a dbQuery and separates them into rows inside the gridlist


when i select a vehicle it spawns it based on the plate text, but when i close and open the menu again it just's deselects the selected row... In few words i want to make the gui selects the row itself if the vehicle is spawned when the player opens the menu how can this be possible, thanks!

EDIT: Pic is a bit aged don't mind if the other buttons i said are not included in

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4 hours ago, DriFtyZ said:

Quit being an smartass :P 

You should show some respect, he's helping you out. And he has a point, this isn't a bug but a question, therefore, please put [QUESTION] instead of [BUG] next time.

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I'm sorry my mistake i should have put [QUESTION] tag and i didn't explained well what i wanted tough i fixed it, this guy also didn't behave gentle instead of he threw a common link onto my face telling me to quit calling stuff like this bugs like i'm doing it every day :P

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Correct but as i said i haven't explained what i wanted correctly which i fixed it later and that link wasn't what i was looking for.

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I'm not trying to be a smartass myself, but @DriFtyZ did the right thing. If you look at the new guidelines, you can see, that posts, that include problematic code (so not just a question about how to do x and y ), should be labeled as [BUG] so I'm pretty sure that is why loads of people do that.

It's a bit confusing actually, I agree with you, it shouldn't be called [BUG].


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