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GTAOne - A Top-GTA Servers!


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" Is come back "

GTActu is back, with a new team, the recovery is played from today by offering you a Top-Servers!



Still on this good old Root-Top! He never dies.
Today GTAOne will do everything and implement to show you that the Root-Top is a place to exceed ...
By creating GTAOne we wish to offer the community renewal, the Root-top being a bit old. We also have a team composed of several people who will meet your expectations in any problem.

By adding your server to GTAOne you have the possibility to display the updates of your server thanks to a system of News, which will allow the visitors to be able to consult the innovations that have been added to your server without having to go on your site web. As a result, you can also include a youtube video to showcase your server.
The registered visitors will be able to leave comments on your server to give their opinion.
We also have a system of statistics that will allow to consult the audience of your server in relation to GTAOne.

Be aware that you can add as many servers as you want to your account. This is a plus.

As to the time between each vote, it will be one hour and you will NOT have to be registered to be able to do so.
The voting system is protected by double protection (client-server) in order to prevent mass voting.
The staff is currently composed of three people, if we detect from the cheat in the votes, we delete the server and banish the account and the ip of the creator as well as the name and url of the server.

We want to make clear that this time, GTActu will succeed!



GTAOne will allow you to buy a premium place to put your server first, only 3 place can be purchased to avoid too much advantage over others. This one allows to live GTAOne and to buy new equipment! Please note that this is not mandatory.


* Here is a small screen of the index, this theme is temporary, the development of GTAOne will be done as and when. (design by @Wolf™



Link: www.gtaone.net

Opening the 09/06/17 a 16h00.


PS: Can you answer this little survey? https://strawpoll.com/az58fc3

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