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Top Gun game mode suggestion

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I've been playing SA on pc for a few days now and I am in love with the Hydra. Not only does it go fast and have weapons but it is incredibly fun to fly.

I would like to see a game mode like this:

Spawn 30 Hydras (15 at Las Venturas airport and 15 at Los Santos Airport)

Spawn 2 Andromedas (one at each airport)

Spawn some choppers and cars at a central "spectators" spawn.

The Hydras would have a fuel meter and when the fuel runs out the engines cut out

(just like when you reach maximum altitude). You can refuel them by flying close to

an andromeda. It should take 15 seconds or so to fully fuel a Hydra. The Andromedas

would not have a fuel meter.

There would be refueling areas in each airport for ground refueling.

An area one mile north and south of the landmass would be a "safe" area where anyone

who shoots down an Andromeda dies or gets kicked. You could still shoot down hydras

anywhere without penalty.

The gameplay could be either team objective or deathmatch. try to shoot down as many opponent Hydras as possible without dying yourself. No parachutes!

An alternate team objective mode would be escorting one of the Andromedas (or an AT-400) from a safe zone out in the ocean to a safe landing (or vice versa)

Another twist would be to substitute Rustlers and Nevadas for the Hydras and Andromedas.

Can you imagine a 30 player dogfight? That would be crazy fun!

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well im gonna get it today for pc, but if it helps, heres how you do it on ps2

you have to take off the landing gear, R3, then push up the right analog stick to throttle. i have no idea how this works on PC, but right analog stick on the ps2 is the same button to change the angle of car view, if that helps

On Topic: i like this idea. the hydra was fairly well made on SA. we could also have little ships with people trying to shoot down the planes ^.^.

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I never really played SA so.....whats an andromeda :oops:

The Andromeda is the large four engine jet modeled after the Lockheed C-5. It is the plane you jump out of in one of the missions. It isn't flyable in game normally but you can spawn one with cheat devices or pc mods. The vehicle model is oddly 1:2 scale so it appears roughly the same width and length as the AT-400. Unlike the AT-400 you can enter it from ground level.

As for flying the hydra, I strongly recommend a gamepad with analog sticks. Your laptop probably has numpad keys overlaying regular keys accessible with function+numlock.

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I have an idea...

If we can get external models in game we maybe could program fleets in the map.

1 Carrier Hydras ready to take off (we can make use of those British Carriers with the ramp) Has automated flak and MG fire


2 Destroyers automated flak and MG fire and can launch homing missiles.


Also maybe we can program subs and torpedoes in.

Tho you would see me approaching in a Type XXI WW2 U-boat lol

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Maybe instead of the Andromedas being re-fueling ships they could carry a V.I.P. who has to be escorted to a specific location on the map. The opposing teams objective would be to shoot down the VIP before he reaches his destination, while the other team must escort him.

I know its a rip off of the old counter-strike game, but the planes would make an interesting twist

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I heard andromeda and i thought we was talking about a zone in anarchy online....(oops wrong forum) :oops:

To keep on topic though while we are on the idea of plane dogfights then this would be one of the few gametypes to really take advantage of the WHOLE of the map!

Imagine 26 players in jets having mass dogfights :P ...so while trying to avoid too much info about BLUE would this actually be possible? because i can imagine that this would be amazing with plenty of players.

Also props to the idea above me this is one of the more interesting diverse gametypes ive seen suggested.

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would this actually be possible?

It would yes, we already have the planes and thier weapons working as seen in the mta:sa video, leaving the map open is easy enough. No loading screens to worry about in San Andreas :)

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If it is at all possible it might be a bit more fun if we had...



Think about it Russian craft against a U.S/British craft. Perfect for Team battles

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its a great idea with the models its just that if u have to weigh it out,that kind of work ends up being far to trivial when compared to getting a stable and fun game working.

Maybe after the release, MTA could ask the community for their input when it comes to things like that as its always good to get the community involved to increase the popularity and funfactor of it.

Besides would ppl here prefer the mta team to work on including game types etc or concentrate 100% on what already looks to be amazing netcode and functionality then let the ppl here(not me of course i freely admit that this kind of shit is way outta my leauge :P ) concentrate on the limitless gametypes that are possible then pick the best of the bunch to include as standard in future MTA releases while giving credit...

...IMO of course :P .....i aint talented enough but i love to see ppl with the knowledge create stuff just for the fun

and just incase ppl start flaming me it was a sudden idea not a request ;)

..I like to cover my back....

EDIT: a good example would be N64 emulation:

...A dev releses a GFX plugin with HI_RES texture support for an emulator then the regulars at the forum just for fun put out texture packs in their own time ...

Im damn sure that there are countless regulars here that can do the same thing for MTA..

im sure a few ppl here have already seen this but just incase an example....


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Wow, I found the keys to make the thrusters aim forward on the Hydra. When I get chased by the army Hydra, I can easily get on it's tail, and have it locked on to, it goes from green to red, and then I press the missile button... this doesn't work... why? I just end up chasing for a bit before getting bored.

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Wow, I found the keys to make the thrusters aim forward on the Hydra. When I get chased by the army Hydra, I can easily get on it's tail, and have it locked on to, it goes from green to red, and then I press the missile button... this doesn't work... why? I just end up chasing for a bit before getting bored.

Are you sure you're not pressing the counter-measures button?

Usually the missile button is Left Ctrl. Also make sure that you don't stop holding the target lock-on button.

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Okay, I was pressing the primary fire button (right alt seems to work for shooting normal missiles) The lock on for me is simply holding the counter-measures? Different buttons appear to do different things some times, yet also the same things other times. I'll try it, and I expect it will work.

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