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cops 'N' robbers

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i was thinking sum1 could mod GTA 3, or VC to have a cops 'n' robbers game mode, where there r 2 (or more) gangs with about 4 peeple on each, and 8 cops. this would work out to 16....i think.Perfect, the object of the game is to get the most points, but if u screw up, u lose points, points could be money and a limit would be...say $5000.00. now if u were a yakuza, and your rival gang was the mafia, your objective would be to kill the mafia and any cops that get in your way, the radar would show all enemy gang members in red, all your buddies in yellow and all the cops in blue. if u were a cop, your objective would be to simply stop any gang from reaching it's goal and the enemy gangs would show up in diff. colors. this could make for some deadly hot pursuits and stuff, but it doesn't stop there, the passenger in a cop car should b able to shoot in at least 180 degrees. gangs would lose points(money) for getting killed by the cops, and then the wanted stars could work again....i dunno, i've got some great ideas for this, and it could b huge, if any1 wants to do this, email me @ dustmann_2g@hotmail.com


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I like the overall suggestion of Cops and Robbers since even the script version was fun. Seeing the script turned into a mode would be great, Certain gangs (clans) could be the robbers while the other gang could be the cops, Scores added up at the end to see what gang accomplished their mission.

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