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hi. anyways is was wonder

1.how in stunt movies do ppl remove the weapon and healt bars

2.What is the best video editing software?


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Well, most vids you see are recorded with Fraps during a replay. F1 to watch instant replay, F2, to save it, and F3 to watch saved replay. If you want to keep a replay,alt tab and rename the file in your my gta vc folder. But if you wanted to record ingame, go to options, display and turn the HUD off to get rid of the Hbar and weaps.

Ppl prefer different editing progs but the majority of the crew stunters use Vegas 5 or 6. I've used, stuff from WMM2, Ulead, Adobe premier, and i'd have to say Sony Vegas is my favorite. Easy to use and very powerful. Hope that answers your question.

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