[BUG] Crosshair weapon

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Good Morning I need a help on a Crosshair system is a sniper aiming system, some must know it I want to put a blocking function to appear when the player jumps, why when he jumps the crosshair is in front. .. already tried putting a system isClientBindKey more did not work also the bug continues ... what should I do? 

What did i do wrong in it? can you help me? thank you
function on_weapon_aimed(key,state)
  if (pressed) then return end
  if getPedWeapon(getLocalPlayer())== 34 then
    if state == "down" then
      weap1 = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(),"currentweapon_2")
      for i,weaponData in pairs(weaponTable)do
        if weap1 == weaponData[1] then
          cross = CH[weap1]
      cross = false

addEventHandler( "onClientKey", getRootElement(),function(button,press) 
  if button == "lsfhit" then
      pressed = true
      setTimer(function() pressed = false end, 50000, 1)


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