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ok i'm using a proxy now, and my account doesn't seem to be suspended. but my actual ip is :? and i'd rather not use proxys.

and 3 of my posts were deleted, so i guess somebody can explain. (if any mod/admin wants to know my actual ip, just PM me).

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well yeah i thought so in the first place, but my posts weren't against the rules, otherwise more ppl were banned. but my account hasn't even got a warning, so i think there has been a misunderstanding.

besides, i've talked to mrbump and blokker at the mta irc channel, but they don't seem to know......mrbump said my account wasn't banned, and that i should change my ip? but first i don't like proxy's ( can't visit some sites, and can't enter the router page for example), 2nd, it's much easier to unban my actual ip.

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I thought someone had done a range ban and you were within the IP range, but it turns out that your address was banned manually. I have no idea why this was done but I've unbanned you for now. It seems strange to ban the IP instead of the account, as is usually the case.

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