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A Vice City stunt movie I made a while back -- Check it out


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i dont use filefront that much so i dont know what the hell this error means :cry:Invalid Key or in use or Missing File

Yeah some people have that problem with filefront, but they do it so that you cannot use their webspace for your website I think (which means its not true webspace :). When you go to download the file, your "session" is assigned a "Key' which looks like "4f63850b629fed1c2d6ebf6572" except its 10x longer, and somehow this key expired idk what causes this error or how to fix it tho sry

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wow, thank for all the positive responses. Everybody who saw it thinks its good for first movie. I hope to improve in future movies :D

wow whos stealing who's name?

theres a [KFC]mafia and a [VCM]mafia

Well I am the only Mafia around, along with the Vice City Mafia clan and future San Andreas Mafia members, were all the Mafia. I have never even played on a server with [KFC]Mafia. If he exists say something :roll:

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errrmm, I can't possibly rate this video. I will say this, Its definetely a good effort. :?

I guess I'm just comparing your vid with the ones I've seen and that would just not be fair.

Well when you rate a vidio, the judgment does not come from any source but yourself. You cant say "I think it was good because it was better than vidio X" or "I think its bad because I dont think mr X would like the music" and so forth.

But I take it as a compliment that atleast I made a good effort :)

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I vaguely recall a [KFC]mafia. Must have been after my time, or it was a temporary name.

it not a temp name ;)

and still [VCM]Mafia who r u?

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