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Police in SA

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Well, me and some friends have been gathering ideas for SASP San Andreas State Police clan. And we would like to give an idea of what we want outof the police portion of MTASA.

1- Make the police officers spawn at any one of the police stations in the main cities.

2- At each police station, put a numerous amount of cars, since there will need to be a bunch of cops to patrol san andreas's size. We also request swat vehicles, FBI vehicles, and a helicopter or 2 at each station.

3- Have the police cars match the sity, like LSPD in Los Santos and such.

These are jsut requests from SASP. We would appreciate if you took these ideas and pout them into SA, because these ideas would help out the Police clans well.

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i said this should only be Police Vehicles, which should be used by police only :-P. And I dont really care about other cars, other than to make a bunch, and pick all kinds, not make them all turismos(even though thats my favorate car).

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Why not just keep your gang tag? It is your identity far more than it is a literal translation of the words that make it up. Plenty of gangs play in both vc and gta3 with VC in thier name, why would SA be different?

If your really truly concerned about soem kind of logic or reason for an 'incorrect' name, tell yourself VCES are visiting San Andreas, or assisting the local emergency services in a time of emergency, or similar.

Or just Twist the meaning of your current name. For example, VCA, Vice City Army, is VCA, Vested Columbian Assassins if asked in gta3mta.

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lol, Kung... the Bobbies Rock... do thier work really well.

For one... they did me for Firearms offences... but my Uncle is a DCI in the force and got me gun back. Friends in high places... 8)

Oh, and btw... SAP is just... wrong. :?

And here I am in a gang called KFC... :?

w00t... :?

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Yea we call dibs on SASP San Andreas State Police. And you expect competition? We are mainly an RPG clan, patroling streets, fighting crime. Thats just what we like doing, rather than DMing and having matches and competitions.

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i have dibs on SAPD tag cuz i like this tag for a cop clan

...Are you even online anymore? Where do you play? Because on the WCFR server, our state police force regularly uses the [sAPD] tag, and I'd hate to be stepping on toes in the manner of copyright infringement. I give you until Jan. 1, 2009 to respond. If I hear nothing back from you, the tag is ours.

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