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mtaserver.conf - Yalm - Parse Error


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Hi all,

I currently try to start a server (1.5.4) but the default mtaserver.conf seems to be broken. (the one from baseconfig archive just downloaded)

When i start my server i got the following error :


If i open mtaserver.conf with Notepad++ (64bits version) i got this view :


When i paste the file to YALM Parser Online it says :



mapping values are not allowed here
  in "<unicode string>", line 10, column 14:
             Note: Missing or incorrect owner_ema ...

It seems that ":" in comments line break the file.

When i open the file Notepad is not able to detect the "Langage" used and set the file as Normal Text. I manualy change it to YALM.

Is there an encoding problem ? Other ?

Thanks for help.


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Same problem if i let this field empty.

In the error code generated by "Online Parser Online" we can see that the line at 14th column is the cause of the problem. And it's about ":".

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