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MTA:SA and character customisation?

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Ive been a fan of GTA since the early days, and have followed MTA for quite some time, i really enjoyed MTA:VC, but since playing GTA:SA there is one thing i am worried wont make it into MTA for SA, and thats a versitile character customisation system.

As all people who have played SA know, one of the central new features is the ability to mould the look of your character CJ, into YOUR version of CJ... Build, hair, clothes, bling, its all there and its just DYING to be put into a multiplayer version of the game

Imagine joining a server of around 20 people with EVERYONE looking different. Thier own style and look, SA has a character customisation system that any multiplayer shooter would kill for, and is on par with something you would expect from an MMO or RPG.

So The burning question is.. is it possible? will we see it in MTA:SA?

Its an exciting concept, and with it being in the game already it shouldnt be too difficult to implement as an out of game menu of some kind.. if anyone could the MTA team could.. being able to make a singleplayer game into a multiplayer one is no small feat, so i think tackling something like this should be childsplay for them :)

If a MTA team member or someone in the know could shed some light on this then my curiosity will be satiated :P

*perhaps this thread belongs in the suggestions forum? i just thought it a little more fitting to put it here

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hmm nope sorry not me lol, im just a guy who loves his GTA 8)

If its possible anyway ill be way happy :lol: even if its not in from the start its always something that could be worked on in future releases, as you said "keeping it simple and working from there".

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like i said elsewhere, on connect send your player "profile" packet.

or on change clothes send packet.

make some sort of "Blue SA Profile editor" save the profile into a file (.ini maybe)

then upload it inside blue's DX GUI (like you would using custom sprays for CSS)

and itll store the info, then join server.

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It would be much simpler than sprays, cause sprays send a whole image, while the customisation in this game will be based around the clothing that is already there.. so it would be a file a config a couple of KB that makes it real easy.

Although talkin of sprays, customs clothing/body skins that upload like sprays do would be way nice.. (custom gang/clan skins that upload when you connect) but im talkin bout stuff thats probably too complicated and too fidely to implement.. im happy with whats there already.

On the subject of seeing just CJ's, and this is just pure speculation.. perhaps the other character models can have custom apperences too. The other gang members like the ballas for instance.. they are pretty much the same models as the groves but with different clothes and appendages, maybe they are the same but thier clothing is the only difference between the models. This would mean that we could have the other character faces of the pedestrians and gang members with clothing of player choice. I hope this is the case with the other char models as every player with CJ's facial features would slightly annoy me too.

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This would be an awesome feature to implement into MTASA. Think about it, each clan can have their own colors just like gangs in real life lmao so we know who to shoot and dont even have to look at their names :lol: Keep up the good work MTA and try to make this feature a reality :D

Im already thinking of what the SAM color will be, may green + blue idk I will have the members vote on it :wink:

=SAM= San Andreas Mafia

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