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VCES ---> Power Mad - Racist - Silencers

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Let me show you some text:

XvN: lol so what.. VCES are a bunch of racist morons or somethin?..

Jib: gutted

esprigan has joined the game.

KOTH> XvN has lost Boat Hanger, Viceport (Left Area)

KOTH> VCES>Ratt has captured the house (Boat Hanger, Viceport)

VCES>Twig: !kick XvN yes nigger

VCES>Twig: omg

Jib: mafd

VCES>Twig: pwned

VCES>Twig: lol

VCES>BrophY: !ban xvn YES PAKI

VCES>BrophY is banning XvN, Reason: YES PAKI

Disconnected: You are banned. (Delay = 10 sec)

VCES members believe this to be a joke... are Grand Larceny the only people that think this is disgraceful and racist? :shock:

VCES have banned GL members (including myself) from their forums because they want to silence us- well guess what lads, you have no control here.

You banned me on the website when I stayed out of the arguments.

I used to complain about VCES a lot but ended up on good terms with them (and have been for the past 4 months).

However- they have proved to me to be the same old VCES- power mad - racist - naive - and want to silence everyone that picks fault in their precious clan.

Mr.Bump was right all along to ban VCES members from this forum- he must have seen what utter prats they really were... :evil:

I know people like [FMJ]Oli will back VCES just because they don't like GL, but all I can say is- VCES may well be a well established and old clan, but that doesn't mean they're always right. They think that because they've been around for so long that they rule the MTA community- WRONG. You lot think the sun shines out of your ar*es, but it doesn't...

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i kinda like how u see twig kick him but no record of it :roll: *cough edit*

btw u wasnt banned, u was given the twat rank and none of your other members are banned, u can check our members list :wink: , we have asked your team u talk on there, but they havent, oh yeah i do point out vces havent got on manaro, due to fact he was caught in our server twice with a trainer with the excuse 'i forgot to turn it off when i left another server' and if we tryed to silence u , why is the thread still there?

in my opinion, i think u should go f00k off back to the rock where u came from and do some more terminator pictures of yourself

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i didnt happen to be there at the time

but by the looks of that u called VCES racist morons then VCES said !ban xvn YES PAKI

...u realy do know how to start a pointless flamewar dont u? :roll:

edit- also thank you for adding auto ban for all VCES on ur shitty script :)

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Agreed. You can't say much after using a cracked client and using a trainer in the VCES server with that petty excuse oh YAR. But still you're yet to complain about racism which you bought upon yourself. Tbh all i say is shut the F**K UP.

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I know people like [FMJ]Oli will back VCES just because they don't like GL

And why would that be? interesting how you bring people into this for no reason... oh no wait there is a reason.. you love me :P ... yeah that must be it.

This seems to be a pathetic attempt to try and put VCES in a bad light.. the truth of the matter is that they have a reputation because they have earned it over a long time, something which you seem to have yet to grasp.

As Ronseal would say.. please take this up in the VCES forums. It really doesn't need to be made this public.

Locked :arrow:

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