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Newbie impressions and questions

Guest nubbel

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Hi there,

I'm completly new to MTA and want to submit some impressions and questions about it.

After a long time of reading and trying I got MTA to work and was able to connect to some servers for testing.

I find the idea of MTA great, and cos its for free I think I shouldn't really expect too much. But after playing a while in DeathMatch mode and reading the forum, I decided to write something.

It's real fun to just drive around, make cool stunts with the PCJ and let other players be passanger on your machine while doing that all (or the other way).

I thought DeathMatch has to be even more fun than the stund mode. But I got frustrated very fast.

First thing I noticed was that I had a ping of round about 40 (what is ok I would say), but all the other gamers had a ping about 300 to 800.

I took this as explanation for the fact, that I could fire 20 shots from a shotgun and 30 shots from a handgun straight to the body or head of some of my enemies without hitting them. Other players died after 3 shots from the shotgun.

Thats not all, I saw people beeing alive after exploding inside a car. oO

The conclusion for me is either a lag problem (but it were always the same players that I couldnt really kill, and all players had nearly the same bad ping) or a cheat problem (btw. what is that "glitching"-thing you always talk about, or the robber exploitation?).

Frustrated by this I concentrated on shooting the car wheels of the players who were trying to overrun me by car, what became real fun as they stopped trying to overrun other players :)

But the fact that I could spawn 3 times or more without being able to kill some guys I tried to kill 3 times in a row made me really sick.

I think I will go on playing the stunt mod, the people are more friendly and there is less feeling of beeing owned by a cheater or something.

Btw. I saw flying cars over Oceans Beach....is that normal? oO

Regards (sry for my bad english :P)

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MTA has had it's ups and downs, and 0.5 has some major issuses concerning sync, mainly vehicles - which are the most annoying thing to sync i would guess.

So, when you see someone flying a car, he could actually be flying a heli.

If you're having troubles hitting someone, it's probably connection lag (which has increased lately due to the encryption (i think :?), but that has slowed down cheaters and bot-makers), but you will quickly get used to it and learn where to shoot.

Frustrated by this I concentrated on shooting the car wheels of the players..

The vertical/height sync is based on objects, basically theres no real sync, but if there's a vehicle between you and a raised/lowered opponent, he will see you shooting the vehicle (like a magnet), but if there isn't it will usually hit him (like a magnet too) - theres a limit though, i'd say around 60/70 degrees.

Glitches are game bugs, like if you hold fire with a pistol, then switch to a shotgun, everyone else will see you fire the shotgun twice and fast, because it still sends the "i'm shooting" data when you're switching weapons.

Or holding fire with nades/molitovs, you will throw 1 on your screen, but the rest will see you throwing loads...there are an endless ammount of glitches.

...hope this helped


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Well dont give up on Deathmatch,its takes a minute to get used to,and by minute i mean about a week...but its well worth it.

The high pings are a bit wierd,i play in quite a few servers and barely see a ping over 200.

The cars flying is a sign that the server you were in probably didnt have an admin,if you come on down to the party server we have multiple admins all around the clock,so if there is a cheater hes gone real quick,heres the IP.

Stunt mode is fun,Deathmatch is even more fun once you master it,its hard and yes there are a few bugs,but you will get addicted on no time.

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I remember when I was new, I almost threw my monitor out of the window in frustration and not understanding things. However I think the previous versions in which I began in were a bit better than the current version.

You will eventually understand how it works if ya play quite often... you just have to realize that the synch isn't too good and what you see on your screen may not be what another player sees on their screen. You said you explode cars and the people are driving in it are still alive... that just means that on your screen their vehicle was more damaged than theirs, so when you kept shooting it exploded on your screen, but on their screen it just got more damaged so they drove off. Usually you will know their car has blown up on both of your screens if they stop while its on fire.

When using a weapon like M4, M60, MP5, try and run around and find a good spot to hit your victim, if you stand straight and just fire while they are, bullets may get cancelled out even though on your screen it looks like its hitting them.

There can also be pretty nasty laggers out there with high ping or slow computers that make it almost impossible to hit them. The best advice I could give you for them would be to just avoid them really.

Anyway I don't want this reply to end up bein a how-to of Deathmatch, but just keep practicin and you will get it... hopefully in the newer versions coming out, it will be easier for us all. :lol:

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