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Didnt kno where to put this

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Phil isn't just a skin, he's a 'special actor'. A character that features in several missions in single player. The old VCC was vanilla Phil, the robber is only seen in one mission, the bank job.

You could swap him for your normal Tommy relatively easily, although every time you changed clothing, (as is sometimes compulsory to complete some missions), you would revert.

You would of course need an entirely new VC install to do this with, as MTA would not function with these changes.

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MTA doesn't support modding at the present time, so I have moved this topic into the non-MTA section of the forum.

this is a SP question...

read up on either

1) SCM editing (gtaforums.com is great)

2) IMG editing, Skin editing, photoshop (gtaforums again..)

just f*in goto gtaforums. :P

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