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Vice or MTA?

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I'd really like to start playing MTA now, but I'm aware SA is coming out soon for PC so I don't want to buy Vice and have everyone rush over to SA :lol:. What game do you guys think I should buy?

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I agree with Cray and Ransom. Even if you don't play for that long, its a great game! Just as people still play GTA3 now, you'll probably find a moment in 2 years time when you think "I'd like some 80's!" :)

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Yea buy vice,its cheap,when i reformatted i had to go buy vice city again due to my old one beein to scratched up...i actually got it for 14.99,great deal.

As far as i know,and im not too sure but i dont think a san andreas multiplayer is gonna be out for a little bit,so get the vice for now.

Btw,you think i could lose this super cool rank? Ive had it for almost 6 months now.

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I'd say go ahead and get GTA3 or Vice, San Andreas will probably be cheaper by the time MTA is out for it. A little cheaper at least.

It'll probably be the same price in the shops but it should be cheaper on eBay because lots of people will be selling it after they've completed single player.

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