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MTA is out of sync?


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I'm new to this as you may have noticed and I read another topic about this problem where you can hardly hit someone but others hit you all the time.

My problem is this. I cant hit 99% nothing.

My computer is AMD 3500+, 6600GT, 1Gig memory so it runs GTA smooth in 1280*1024. I even have to use the FPS lock in the game to play this game at all or the textures and buildings dont respawn fast enough. Anyway I was testing with a guy on a empty 100mbit server with low pings. He had around 20 and me around 50.

I wasnt able to hit him when he was standing still. I shoot right and left from him like i read in the other locked topic and nothing. He hit me most of the time only once it looked bad for him when he shoot around a more then 90 angle from me.

Now I dont get how is this supposed to work. I hardly hurt anybody let alone kill. Dont wanna put down your work in anyway but is this how its supposed to work?

I got myself the 100mbit server now I guess I can close it down since such play isnt acceptable to me. That I have to aim in all direction and hope to hit his hitbox is just to much.

I have a router but all ports are open and windows firewall was shut down and makes no difference.

Now as I understood the other thread about client and server side what happens. Is it like if you have a very good connection people can easy kill you and if your connection sux they cant mostly kill you? Thats how I understood how it works now.

Now I can hit some people yes with minimal left right aiming but most of them not.

Btw how many time per second does a client send his update data to the server? Most games at last 10 time. But GTA appears it sends just once. This would explain all this jerki movements of others. Only cars apear to be smooth but players mostly not.

Is there anything I can do at all before I go trade the server for something else. Is this possible to be fixed in the future at all?

I have read that you changed just recently the aiming model. Did it work before better as people keep telling me?

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That thread is locked because the information in it is very out of date, from a time when aiming to one side was required for example. Now it isnt, aim on the whole is spot on. So no surprise you didnt hit him when aiming to both sides of him really :P

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Lol ok but You can be assured that I tried to hit in the hearth before I came to here and its still bollox. Ping to server is 40 and I cant hit shit not even if they have 40 or less.

How should the player movement be visible at all? Fully smooth or does it jump like it would hypersomething lol.

So basically its unplayable. Running 1.0 verzion.

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hope is the mother of the dumb.....mmm...u wanna c real desync?? play NFS:U Online.... MTA is non-commercial beta project and it's synced the best way it can be with the current core.... u got 2 ways: get used to it or w8 for teh blue :wink:

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The reason why it is so jerky like that is because they have no client side movement prediction. See, if you want smooth play, you need to be recieving at least 30 updates per second, which would give you 30 frames per sec which is ONLY reasonable. But because the network is limited to the amount of bandwidth that can be sent and recieved. Most games will only do around 10 times a second of updates. To calculate the rest - 50 frames or so (provided that you wanted 60fps (50 + 10 frame updates)) the game will try to predict where the entity has moved based on past data and time elapsed if a new update has not been recieved in time.

Also it is interesting to note that when entities are being updated in MTAVC, they are jerking back and forth. I hope the developer team is using sequence numbers in the UDP datagram so that they can discard the older updates from the newer updates. This will eliminate that jerk back problem.

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