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[Looking for] Anti weapon fire spam script

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hey i need a Anti wep spam script like this : when you shoot a  RPG u must wait 5 seconds to shoot another RPG

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Beginner scripter here,


you could try to use:


  • "anim_loop_start" - float - Start of aimed firing animation loop
  • "anim_loop_stop" - float - End of aimed firing animation loop (Reduce to increase firing rate)
  • "anim_loop_bullet_fire" - float - Time in aimed firing animation when weapon should be fired (Must be between Start and End)

I would try to use the following settings:

¨anim_loop_start¨ 0.2 or 0.3

¨anim_loop_bullet_fire¨ 0.2 or 0.3 (same settings you used for anim_loop_start)

¨anim_loop_stop¨ 5.0 or something big (the larger this amount the later the player can fire again)

Just try whether or not it works ;)



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Hey [CIN]Kiss , i'll try to do it now wait 20 mins !

Here you are , client side just do meta.xml

NOTE: this for only RPG if u wanna for everyweapons then make again client side 

and copy paste i give u (clientside)

then edit this line : 

if weapon == 36 then


 edit " 36 " for weapon u want to do Anti Spam

NOTICE: 36 is the RPG id , change it to example : (M4) Id WHATEVER ..

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