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How to use the console on linux server properly?

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I have got a Linux Server installed on my machine, and i will run an MTASA and TS3 server on it. As i remember, i had problems with the console, it was weird-controlable. I installed an application, called screen, but i dont really know how to use it. Is it possible, that i can leave the console, re-join in the console, write commands in the command line and the console, check other servers and etc. Please help me, with this screen and console stuff!
Thanks, have a wonderful day!

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It is, yes. This is how you start your MTA server with screen:

SCREEN -S myserver ./mta-server

-> myserver is the name of your screen (like a variable, it can be anything), you can go back to it any time with this command:

SCREEN -R myserver

-> this command will open up the same screen again, to detach the screen press CTRL + A then CTRL + D (this will exit from the screen, but it will keep running in the background)

To completely stop the server, you can press CTRL + C to shutdown the server when in SCREEN mode

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