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VF #2 Error When Connected To Server


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You have a virus.



EDIT: Mod note (knownledgebase since this is the first result) - true problem: 

VF #2 errors like yours are mostly a result of corrupted DLL files in the MTA installation folder (usually "Program Files > MTA San Andreas 1.5 > MTA") or a corrupted MTA launcher executable.

Because files like this are MTA data files, they will cause you to be kicked if damaged, as MTA continuously checks their integrity.

It was externally modified by something, which is why it's assumed that your PC is infected with a virus, as viruses are often capable of locating and modifying files, for example random exe or dll files; it can inject its malicious code to them (on the binary file level) or modify the memory of said file while MTA is running, which also results in this kick. MTA checks the integrity of all data files on startup and kicks you if it's not 100% original or is being actively manipulated by a rogue process running in the background.

Solution: Run a full antivirus scan, then re-install MTA from https://nightly.mtasa.com/?mtasa-1.5-rc-latest so that the data file is restored to original (which is neccesary, even after taking steps) and, if you did, don't again touch or replace DLL files in the MTA installation directory. If you only re-install MTA without taking the other neccesary steps, it may work once or not at all, as the rogue process or virus that had previously damaged MTA data file(s) may do so instantly or whenever it decides to. For this reason it's important to make sure that thing (probably a virus..) is gone from your PC entirely, before repairing your MTA installation.

Note: if anyone who is reading this is unable to fix their problem, feel free to open a new topic in this section (Client support) as MTA staff is able to dedode the parameters of a kick to see which MTA data file is affected and causing your problem. If no antivirus/antimalware scan is able to find it on your PC, then we may also offer to help by having you send us the file we say is affected, so that we can compare it to the original and look which segments (data added by virus) are mismatching, in an effort to identify the virus in question as the modifications often leave a mark of that. This case-by-case analysis allows you to then search for a virus scanner capable (or tool specialised in) removing said threat from your PC. Besides manual analysis, you can also try uploading the file we tell you is affected (or if we didn't tell you, all your DLL data files from the MTA install folder) to http://virustotal.com and see if it detects any identifyable virus, as the file should be infected. You can then, also, look for a virus scanner said to be capable of removing that threat from your PC.

Here is one success story from an user that analysed the culprit file causing his VF #2 error: https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/101585-you-are-kicked-from-the-game-vf2-28070000/

Example error code details: VF #2 23070000 means that "bass_fx.dll" from your MTA San Andreas > MTA installation folder, has been corrupted (on the binary file level). However as I explained, you cannot really resolve this by restoring only the affected file, without also making sure it will not simply get re-corrupted by the thing on your PC that originally did it.

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