Who used IPS forums?

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Rudransh    39

Hello guys, i just have a simple question. Anyone here who used "PAID" IPS forums? If yes, than can you please tell me what was the plan you bought? 

Actually, i was looking for IPS community suite on the IPS forums but unfortunately i saw few things there and so i just wanted to confirm something.

Thanx for helping in advance.

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Skully    5

I used to work from the $130/Month package, it provides slots for 200 online members and 20GB media storage which is more than enough. It all just depends on how many people you're expecting to use the forums, for something small and starting out, the $45/Month plan is probably the best.

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Syntrax#    70

Why would you pay that much when MyBB or SMF does provide nearly the same features.The only thing you've to do is basically create a theme and create your plugins.If you can't do this try getting a web developer to do it for you

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