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MTA freezes, when trying to find gta3.exe path..

Guest mechdog

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When ever I join a server, and try to click the Start Game, button.. then choose the path of GTA3, so I can load it, the whole thing freezes on me. Wont let me click anything, just freezes. Happen to know why? And if I can fix it?

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  • MTA Team

Okay there is a solution, if you know the directory directly, do the following

Go to the root Multi Theft Auto directory

(default C:\Program Files\Multi Theft Auto\) and open up mta.ini

scroll to the bottom, and look for


After Location= type Your gta3.exe directory, (default: Location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\gta3.exe)

My mta.ini looks like this

Location=C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAIII\gta3.exe

Then try pressing start game

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