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Update 5-6.12.2018
Muscle Cars

The most awaited update on NFS:SA has finally came!
We're glad to introduce you 7 new cars - muscle cars!
[Image: LOrpdXi.jpg] [Image: 7Irbcg4.jpg]
New class in Car Lot - Muscle

New cars belong to absolutely new class - Muscle.
Class is unlocked by reaching 50,000 RP and to unlock car from this class you need 10,000 Free RP.
This class contains 6 standard muscle cars and one unique:

Dukes (unique)
[Image: iLPO1V1.jpg] [Image: CTcmRwp.jpg]

To unlock Dukes you need to find 10 parts, just like with other classes. You can find them in eastern part of LV city:
[Image: quSsdfk.png]
Because of new class, all muscle cars have simillar and comparable performance, which is simillar to C class cars performance.

Important note about muscle cars handlings:
We had to make totally new handling for new cars, which also has to be balanced according to score system and other cars.
Due to this fact, be aware that in next few days after update handling still can get changes which may result even in reseting toptimes for whole Muscle class!
[Image: aSUVziz.jpg] [Image: HdOF55T.jpg]
New rims

Alos, along with muscle cars, we added:
New rims package - NFS:SA #2 - 5 new rims
New rims package - American Racing -  3 new rims
New rims package - Hurst - 2 new rims
[Image: PJFxCNE.png]
Don't forget to unlock them using TaskPoints.
Imgur gallery: Muscle cars
Imgur gallery: NFS:SA #2
Imgur gallery: American Racing
Imgur gallery: Hurst

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