MTA 0.1 or MTA 0.2 source code?

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monobogdan    0


I'm really interested in reversing and modding GTA, and i want research and may be improve old MTA releases.

I'm interested in MTA 0.1(Admin Console source code no longer available for download) or MTA 0.2 source code.

I think, someone can share this source under NDA or GPL license.

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Noki    20

The earliest available version on GitHub is this. I suppose if you looked hard enough and weren't afraid to ask around you could find some earlier revisions. Good luck.

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monobogdan    0


It looks like i can fork it for my multiplayer project.

GPL v3 license allow me to modify this multiplayer, but some parts needed to build it are closed source(due to NDA), can i provide my obj(compiled files) in repository with closed source modules?

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