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[GTAP] Grand Theft Auto Police


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Diaz is NOT the owner. Cobra AND Diaz are the owners. I have talked to Cobra and he has told me many things. Also, they banned me for saying that acting like real people is cool. BUT I started killing people (like real people do) and they BANNED me. Anyways... Good Luck. ( My new list of members in VCL will be posted when I can get the clan all fixed up and with a website)


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Well, you can have it back. Apparently, no one I know can keep a stable clan. And Billy, if you are who I think you are, you hacked into Diaz's computer and kept banning people from the server, and you threatened to hack me, leno, and everyone else. Besides, its an RPG server, and I dont think that any of us really like any of VCL.

As I said, GTAP is done, and im making an RPG clan/server. Now, there are some rules that allow killing, like being a police officer(having a real reason, not to say ur a cop and can do what u want), being diplimatic immunity(level 5 admin, only me), and hitmen. But you have to be hired, and have proof(in other words, me goin through the chat log, cuz admins can see PM's in the script).

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