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There is always a certain amount of research involved in porting over to a new mod. A number of things change, so we have to keep track of all of them and map/test them correctly.

The good news is that the blue platform will allow us to do this very fast. How fast, I can't say (because obviously we don't have the game yet), but you should expect something very soon after SA's release.


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I think playing in the whole world of SA ( so al 3 islands ) online would be only nice if the servers could handle much more ppl. With the servers now u can only have 26, thats to small for SA i think. If the servers could handle like 90 ppl or more, ( dunno if thats possible :P ) it would be great to play on all the 3 islands.. :D

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i think 90 is impossible, i'd say 50 would just be pushing the limt

..cos on the current core the max player in Vice City is 26 & in gta3 there is 32, so geting 40 isnt that hard to get, snice its gona be on Blue (..better core)

Edit: this that better for you ..eAi ;P

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Please can you write your posts in english. You have a keyboard and adding in the few letters that make your post understandable isn't that hard.

lol. made me laugh, that said... i think players wont present such a problem.

limit people from accessing the other islands, and also..

the playerlimit and car limits in VC might not be the same for GTA:SA...

there might be a possibility of more players then 26, 32, or even 50....who knows.

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i fink 90 impossible, i'd 40 wud jus be pushing the limt

..cos on the current core the mav ppl is 26 in VC & 32 in gta3 so geting 40 isnt that hard, snice it gona be on Blue (..better core)

No one knows the actor limit, and 40 isn't pushing the limit. One city itself is very big.

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