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renderTarget double buffer


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Hello guys.

First question:

local width = 1024
local height = 256

local target = dxCreateRenderTarget ( width, height, true)

So, i created a 1024*256 render target with alpha. But get dxGetStatus() says i used 2mb of video ram. Why?

I guess an rgba color takes 4 byte.

1024*256 = 262144 pixel
262144 * 4 byte = 1048576 byte
1048576 / 1024 = 1024 kb
1024 / 1024 = 1 mb (Am i missed something?)

So it should be 1 mb but it 2 mb so render targets uses double buffering? And if yes can i disable this, somehow?

Because i only draw my render target once then use it forever. So it's just take my vram for nothing. 

Second question:
What is exactly streaming memory? I mean is it the video memory? And what is the problem with it? SA doesn't manage it good enough and if i use too much modell in the same place then the video memory will be full then crash or wierd things happen?

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I think it's 2 mb because of the alpha layer.

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