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client crash, not in known problems

Guest new*yorker

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when i double click on my client i get the box that says "mta has encountered a problem and needs to close," i looked in the known problems and it sed to add "DontGetLatest=1" to mta.ini, so i did that, and it will open, but wont connect to a server, or ASE. i also tried the thing about mtawelcometext.dat or w/e and that didnt help. idk if this matters but when i was installing it i got this problem

Runtime Error '429'

ActiveX component can't create object

i also get that problem when i use the protocol handler.

some help would be appreciated

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thanks for all the help

this section is 100% useless because no body will help u except for being smart asses and saying "use the search"

fuck this half assed mod :roll:

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