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Weather Feature Im sick to death of it

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Im sick to death of asking admins to change the weather to sun or daylight everytime i play the game

when it rains my games lags up

when its dark i cant even see my skin

whats the point in playing this anymore its driving me mad and ive been playing since 0.2

nearly everytime i log into a server its always dark....why would anyone want to play in the dark when you cant see shit

this weather feature has totally destroyed the game and made it alot less user friendly.

i hope to god you do something about this in the next update.

still checking the site everyday waiting for that update..............

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Many servers have thier script set to constant sunlight.

If you cannot see in the dark then adjust your video setings. If your game slows to a crawl then it sounds as if your machine is a little slow for mtavc.

Finally remember this is online gta, gta has weather and a day/night cycle therefore we try to offer it in multiplayer. Personally I love playing in differing conditions.

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Personally Im sick of the constant sun sometimes.

But if you have a dark monitor and an Nvidia vid card download the 3d stereo driver and run that. it has a hotkey to up your gamma and it will brighten even the darkest monitors.

If you have another card try to find something that lets you up the gamma.

But yeah we have constant sun most of the time on Partyserver... same IP as my sig but port 2010

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  • MTA Team

It can be cumbersome during large battles. Also, especially when people cannot find an admin for the server you are in during a gangwar (which makes everything go to hell haha).

All in all though, I welcome the dramatic weather.

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Sometimes the weather can get kind of annoying. I like the fog and night changes, but they change too quickly and too often. I would like to see an iterface that allows the server admin to specify the weather to be sunny 65%, night 25%, and foggy 10% out of 100 minutes. This way users can easilly define how drastically this effect is put into use directly from the server options.

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the most annoying thing is that the weather changes instantly.... there is sun 'bang' there is rain .... no clouds and others effects like in Single Player ... just instant change .... i think that (+ PC lag ) is one of the biggest reasons ppl don't like weather changes

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Use the admin tool that comes with the server. Connect to your LAN server and just use the Change Weather button whenever. An alternative is to use a Constant Weather script, such as Oli's GRS script.

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