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Warning Royal Playground !


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I saw that has created new Netherlands clan Royal Playeground. They are using =RP= tag ! I played with they yesterday and i saw that they use mods on speed and HP, I will try proof it on movies soon. I was talking with them but they dont want change even their clan tag. I'd like say only one thing:

They arent (RP)* members. Ruthless Predators dont use =RP= tag.

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hmmm once me and a m8 went on a server where there was no admin and this dude called [uAK]Killer i tink cant remember used the speed hak or every cheat in the book and just pawned the server and i was only on it cause my m8 has a modem and i was trying 2 introduce him 2 the game and i wasnt happy wit this prik cheating. it was in the overkill server though not that 1, shows how sad ppl r using cheats, when no admins around.

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this morning i was playin than this prik =RP=Maurice came on and used all the haks, i chased him down and kicked him, this prik was saying he wasnt cheating but as i was shooting he teleported right in front of me and i saw him teleporting on the map, hes my logs 4 proof,i edited it cause its long getting rid of other ppls convos.

[06/06/2005 10:47] [uVA]Bullit: wtf

[06/06/2005 10:48] [uVA]Bullit: omg theres another speedhacker

[06/06/2005 10:48] =RP=Maurice: who is a speedhacker?

[06/06/2005 10:48] [uVA]Bullit: u

[06/06/2005 10:49] =RP=Maurice: i cant speed:S

[06/06/2005 10:54] [uVA]Bullit: oi maurice yr speedhaking

[06/06/2005 10:54] =RP=Maurice: bullit is a pauser

[06/06/2005 10:54] [uVA]Bullit: gudbye

[06/06/2005 10:54] [uVA]Bullit: bye maurice

[06/06/2005 10:55] [uVA]Bullit: !check maurice

[06/06/2005 10:55] Health Hacks Detected On: =RP=Maurice!

[06/06/2005 10:55] =RP=Maurice: 3rd and final warning. Goodbye!

[06/06/2005 10:55] Kickcounter: 42934 kicks

[06/06/2005 10:55] [uVA]Bullit: pril

[06/06/2005 10:55] [uVA]Bullit: prik

hope that help 4 proof

EDIT: i could of got his ip but iam on level 4 need 2 be level 6 i tink. :oops:

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Well, I've seen at least 2 of their members using jetpack and god mode, so ye...

They do cheat, or at least... they have members who are cheating.

they're all cheaters/modders, joined there server, asking some kiddo "why aren't u using mods?" liek wtf :shock:
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