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Can't start server after update to 1.5.4

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Hello, I have a problem after update the server from 1.5.3 to 1.5.4, I already add my email address on mtaserver.conf

When start it, the window of mtaserver launcher gives me that result:

tabuk: ../Server/mods/deathmatch/logic/CDatabaseConnectionSqlite.cpp:540: SString InsertQueryArgumentsSqlite(const char*, __va_list_tag*): Assertion `0' failed.

I upload the server dumps here:


Note: tabuk is the filename of mta-server launcher

Where's the problem? Thanks.


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35 minutes ago, AboShanab said:

The error just write that and abort the server, when try start it again it say for me Aborted at bash command line.

Please make a screenshot in time, before it disappears/completes aborting.

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It was a bug, thanks for reporting, fixed in https://github.com/multitheftauto/mtasa-blue/commit/cc660ce354a555470e60d02a67a2c11665a95d24

(wait for the new build)

Only happens to servers with a '?' character in 1 of the account names, that's the explanation why there's not many topics like yours about the error. Opportunistic crash..


EDIT: update to this version for fix; (32bit) https://nightly.mtasa.com/?multitheftauto_linux-1.5.4-rc-latest or (64bit) https://nightly.mtasa.com/?multitheftauto_linux_x64-1.5.4-rc-latest

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