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Our old missing friends


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People really do miss them do they? I decided to start a list of them for their honor :D Missing ok, friends that didnt say goodbye and left or something



spyda (err... cant remember the name

Umm some guy named [bNS]Viper or something (not you vicer :) )

Thats the 3 friends that popped up into my mind for now. :P

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  • MTA Team
me really should change his password as I still know it :P -Ransom


lol no its really him, I just left him that msg. He hasnt changed it ever since he accidently typed it in IRC and Iggy saw it :P (this was way back before I was moderator even).

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DrDre use to be on my msn...i think i took him off a couple weeks ago. :?

To name a few old SM friends: Chaoswolf, Deathcon, Bizarre, G-Force, Stinger. All of them are on my msn list, but only Chaoswolf hasnt come back online since the whole stolen bike incident.

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