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Multi Theft Auto's Official Discord Server


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  • MTA Team



Following the community discussion in our forums, we have created an official Discord server quite a while ago, as an alternative (and maybe a full replacement in the future) to our current IRC channels. We kept it in under the radar while we were fine tuning things, but we believe we can now present it to you guys. All MTA players and fans are welcome to join our Discord server (though please behave while you are in there :P).

You can join it by using this link: https://discord.gg/mtasa

What is Discord?

Discord is a hybrid of IRC, an Instant Messenger and a Voice Chat software. It incorporates the most important features of these elements into a handy and multiplatform app which you can run on your desktops, smartphones or tablets.

Why is it cool?

Compared to IRC, it offers a built-in chat history buffer, so even if you are offline, you can still catch up with what happened in the channels then. IRC also offers that, but only through an IRC Bouncer that you either need to pay for, or have someone host it for you.
It also has a modern look and features such as URL embedding (regular websites, but also pictures and videos), handy syntax colouring for pasted code snippets, emojis (also custom ones), chat messages reactions, Steam integration and more.

What can I find while I am there?

We currently have some channels created, including:

  • #general - for general MTA and offtopic chats
  • #scripting - for Lua scripting-related queries
  • #support - for any problems related to MTA:SA client or server
  • #announcements - for all important messages from us

as well as some others. We are still thinking of how to put our Discord server into its full potential, so we may add more channels soon.

Can I have Discord app installed and/or running on several of my devices concurrently? Can I use more than one server?

Sure, absolutely. It will sync the messages automatically. And yes, you can add more servers than just our one.

How do I join it?

Hey, we have mentioned that already. Just click the link below and follow the instructions:

I have a suggestion about the Discord...

Okay, let us know. As usual, we are open for suggestions. Just post in this topic or hit us up directly on Discord.

Hope to see you there!
-- MTA Team

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Today we accidentally kicked most of MTA Discord's members, as we already posted in #announcements (on Discord):


Likewise, if you're reading this on the forums, please re-invite your friends that you've seen disappear from the MTA discord, by informing them what happened and sending the invite link: https://discord.com/invite/RygaCSD

Sadly, we went down from 10,000 to 5000 members.

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