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WWW page: http://dayz-polska.tk
Servers trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsLiUUzCWsY&t





Are you bored with the constant chase for the players because the server didnt offer anything new? Do you want to feel the real climate DayZ on platform MTA for GTA: San Andreas? We have a new server for you that is opening on 28.04.2017y!




The new, extended map is waiting for you. Not only edited game locations (LS, LV, SF, villages) but also new islands. One of them is located on the outskirts of SF and expands its size double!




Specially created locations guarantee you a long time exploring the map for rare items and vehicles. Conveniently located hidden in the depths of the cities, new destroyed subways or islands can guarantee you to hide your belongings from other players. However, if you want 100% guarantee you can buy base - the only help on the server!




Newly converted objects from climatic games will provide a great curiosity in exploring the map. They are not one, two, fifteen or twenty-five objects. No no no. There are even a few hundred! The whole server weighs about 1.2GB! It would be cool getting all time over the hump ... In life is not so easy. Especially after the apocalypse. Not all the locations you know will be available to you. You have to be smart, go on foot or look for another, new road!



A handy set of weapons will allow you to match that one. But do not forget that the weapons here are hard to find, especially ammo...
A wide arsenal for your team. From knives to heavy weapons for vehicles through guns, rifles, and sniper rifles.
Part of the weapon has been adapted for camouflage clothing! Also we can find varieties with silencer.

Each weapon has its unique DMG and radius of destruction. You will not escape any player, zombie or NPC!




As they say. Every kind under the sun. We offer a wide range of personalization options. A total of 200 different types of costumes. From headgear to dress. Waistcoats are available to reduce injuries or add space to your inventory. However helmets do not just play an ornamental role. They can secure your head against a shot at her. Backpacks - There is nothing to divert over the number of slots. Just enough. To transport more items, you have to use vehicles and even more from special vehicles.




Vehicles are an integral part of the DayZ series.

Climatic vehicles covered with rust, straight from Russia or special vehicles. Here you can see a truck with a trailer, which will allow us to smuggle more items. We will also find different airborne ointments. Including hunters – helicopters that shoot rockets. However, these helicopters are only 3 for the entire map. They are shielded by zombies, armed NPCs, and are in hard to reach places. A total of 333 vehicles in 40 types scattered throughout the map.




  • This is fully polish server, however we will try to make an english setting,
  • Server construction is optymized (you can play confortably on weak PC),
  • An extensive group system with customizable ranks and capabilities,
  • Local, group, global chat,
  • First person mode,
  • You will be able to place a minigun on some vehicles,
  • You will be able to mount rockets to S.W.A.T vehicle,
  • Sticking to some vehicles,
  • Crawling,
  • Internet radio in vehicles,
  • Several types of tents,
  • Plans, which we can use to build items,
  • Extensive system of placing objects, tents,
  • 2 types of inventory (both available on J),
  • Extended map with subways in towns,
  • Lots of new hospitals (even in Area),
  • Possibility of getting into some popular buildings (Hospitals, police buildings),
  • Lots of types of zombies (walkers, runners - mostly in millitary places, bosses),
  • Zombies won't respawn next to the player. They have a strict respawns on the map.
  • System of walking on farms animals,
  • System of shooting to players NPCs (mostly military places and rare vehicles respawns)
  • Radiation system,
  • Fatigue system,
  • System of unconciousness,
  • Loggging on serial number (?),
  • New, changed 3D sounds,
  • And lots more...

Photos are avalaible on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dayzpolskamta/

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