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How are you ?

Any ip for any server start like : 

if you take xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
and open browser and pest him in URL 
You will know this server from any hosting !!


1)  mtasa://

2)  mtasa://

3) mtasa://

4) mtasa://

While other server you can't know 
Example :- 
~) mtasa://

~!! ) mtasa://

Now i have server and when i write http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx !! in browser it will open my host Where i bought from their host !
So how do I make When someone who writes my IP for my server in browser showing to him picture or page on Facebook ,,etc..



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You need to order web hosting from same exact hosting with same IP address from that host what you ordered your MTA hosting. You can ask that by creating support ticket on their support page of the hosting and i'm sure if they aren't bad hosting they will give you nice deals and answers for this particular problem, also some hostings offer webhost with the gaming host aswell, maybe you already have that. You also gonna need some kind of knowledge about creating simple html/css web site, you can google that. There are many already premade scripts/codes which you can drag/drop in the websites directory, if you don't want to learn it by yourself.

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