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Master of the Kill is the MTA:SA based shooter gamemode in which players compete in large-scale PvP clash. The last man standing is the Master of the Kill. You must fight for life and death. Try to survive. Everyone is your enemy. Kill or be killed.








While joining the game you start your adventure in lobby. This is the place, where you wait for start of the round. Two players are required to start the battle. During the waiting you can discover the lobby location, drive the vehicles and train your shooting skills (last one - coming soon next update).





Find the weapons and vehicle

The battle begins with throwing players into game area. You get the parachute to land safely. For now your first task is to find the tools you’ll need: weapons and vehicles. First minutes are so much important for whole battle. Without good inventory you may dead very soon!





Gas is spreading!

You’re ready to kill anyone you’ll find. But you can’t just stay in one place and wait for them! Toxic gas are being released on the map and each minute makes the game harder. The safe zone is getting smaller and smaller and your enemies are closer that you expect. Watch out, you may meet your opponent just around the next corner!





Try to survive

Survive - that’s your only target. You cannot trust anybody. Each of them could be your murderer. Stay careful. Kill them all. The winner could be only one. Kill or be killed.





Master of the Kill

You did it! You killed everybody. You are the last man alive on this map. You are the MASTER OF THE KILL!




Beautiful and user-friendly UI




Map full of custom objects







Server details:
Name: Master of the Kill |
Hostname: (IP:
Port: 22003

Found some bugs?
Send me details on:
Thank you!

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Was waiting till someone creates smthing like H1Z1 lel. Going to check it now.

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Thank you, please give me some feedback as soon as you give it a try ;)

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the server is well made, the GUIs you used and literally almost everything is out of bugs but however, you also need to host your own forums because honestly its the main source to communicate nowadays and also you must script an account system, other than that? i'd recommend you to change the name of it into something that might attract players and reintroduce it.

enable the chat, i might get the point that they might reveal other players location but that's not the solution, i mean you can have a bunch of rules and some staffs with you or you also can just go ahead and disable the spectate script if it exists.

but after all? hell i loved it.

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