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Guidelines and formatting for this section [READ BEFORE POSTING]


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To post a topic in the Scripting section your topic should meet the following requirements:

  1. It must contain specific questions about either:
    • the code you will include that is problematic or you are asking direct support for, or
    • asking for help in finding the best approach to achieve something.
      • For example, asking more experienced scripters if there is a more efficient way of coding your desired script/function.
  2. The contents of the topic must focus around code support or coding methods.
  3. It needs to follow the Formatting guidelines and Conduct guidelines listed below.

This section is not for:

  1. (resource) progress show-off,
  2. recruiting scripters, or
  3. polling interest or brainstorming on what kind of project you are up to next

All of the above things have their own categories to post them in. These categories are respectively:

  1. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/87-resources/
  2. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/149-looking-for-staff/
  3. https://forum.mtasa.com/forum/140-mta-chat/

If you still post such a topic in the Scripting section mistakenly, the first time it will get moved gracefully to the correct section. Any subsequent repeated mistakes may result in an instant deletion of your topic.


Formatting guidelines

  • It would be highly appreciated if you tag your topics appropriately and use proper topic titles. Although this is not a hard requirement, it helps to maintain overview. Use the following template for this:
    • [BUG] TOPIC_TITLE - for problematic code that will not work or has issues that you need assistance with.
      • This type of topic must always contain a code snippet of the script in question.
    • [QUESTION] TOPIC_TITLE - scripting questions, including (but possibly not limited to):
      • asking for help in understanding scripting principles, function or code usage, or
      • if you wonder whether your approach to achieve something is the most optimal and efficient one. We are all learning and aid from more experienced scripters can be useful.
  • Use code snippet tags. Always add your code (if applicable) in this uniform way.

    Click the ''< >'' shortcut in the text editor:MSHAyJ3.png

    Then put your code within the newly created box. Be sure to select Lua for highlighting from the drop-down list in bottom right corner for automatic syntax colouring, wiki links for built-in functions and events and other cool features.

    Please do not use loose [ code] tags for the sake of readability.
  • Do not mass-quote code snippets, or else it would fill up the whole topic with repeats of the same code over and over again. Remove the code column from a previous quote before posting or limit your own quote by narrowing down the parts of code you are replying about. Quote selectively.


Last but not least, please try to explain your issue or question the best way you can. A clean and detailed topic can increase the chance that someone will sit down to analyse your problem and actually help you. Clear communication and description is also the key to attracting scripters who may potentially take a look for you.

Code of Conduct

  • Treat everyone with respect, no matter their skill in scripting. If someone posts what you think is low level/''stupid'', remember that you have once been there as a novice scripter yourself and everyone should have a chance to learn.
  • Instead of resorting to humiliating replies, think about how hard it is to learn how to script efficiently, and dedicate yourself even more to help them understand it. You might play a noticeable role in someone's future as MTA scripter (or who knows, maybe an even more prominent role later on too). Long story short, avoid making remarks or rude comments aimed at someone's skill level, incapabilities, etc. It is not appreciated neither by us Moderators nor by regular users of the forums.
  • The Scripting section is not meant for those unwilling to learn, whose only intent is to try get others to finish the scripts they need, line by line. We see this happening way too often -  someone with seemingly zero scripting skills does not react on-topic to the set of functions they can use that other users provide them, and does not seem to take any pushes in the right direction forward; they are just waiting for a collective effort from other scripters to develop what they want. This is what we do not want to see. 
  • Do not expect all the work to be done for you while you lean back. You should at least try to script it by yourself - users on this subforum are generally happy to help in any particular issue you come across while coding.

    If you see someone who keeps bumping their topic that is clearly oriented at letting his work be done by others, then please report the post.
  • The bumping policy in scripting section is a bit different from other forum sections, because scripting topics serve as a sort of knowledge-base for those dealing with the same issue/question as described in existing topics. It is often suggested (and usual practise for many scripters) that prior to posting a new topic, someone searches the forums to see if their question has been asked/answered before. Therefore, you may bump old topics if you're certain your approach or solution/code is better than other posted answers, and if it's a fairly common question (not someone just asking how to have their own code fixed or similar case-specific topics). However, we the moderating team may still review if your posts are really useful bumps with new insights, and even if so, we can lock the topic to prevent derailing of an old topic/continuous posts. So expect your useful bumps to possibly be the last ever made in a certain topic (which means if you do it, do it well). If you believe a popular topic for a really common scripting problem should be unlocked for you to post input, or you wish to improve upon someone's earlier bump after which it was locked, then please use the Report button referring to this part of the regulations.
  • No support is offered for leaked code or scripts (even if they only partially originate from a leak) and such topics will be locked and trashed on sight. If you notice a topic where something related is being asked, or other clandestine requests (such as questions how to decompile scripts, etc, anything with not-so-noble intentions) then please report the topic and do not reply as it may incite unnecessary arguments. Mention the source proving that it is a leaked code within your report, though you can omit that if you feel that it is fairly obvious that the resource/script was leaked. In the latter case however, keep in mind that we may not be aware of such a leak, so the Moderator who handles your report will have to take his judgement upon it if you do not provide evidence.

Still, keep in mind that you should not openly accuse users who post pieces of your (or someone else's) code as per https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/46410-stolen-resource-accusations/. If this happens, simply report such posts.

Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct may result in a forum punishment. If you notice anything that violates the Code of Conduct, please report those posts instead of enforcing the rules yourself. It just takes a few seconds, but greatly benefits the Section and makes it a better place to seek help from.

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Unlike the last time it was hidden to work on the post, today these regulations really take effect.

As written in main post, there's a 1-week cooldown period in which we won't enforce most regulations listed here, but only politely warn users breaking them. This is to let everyone adapt and get used to the regulations & guidelines.

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Finally something is being done about this. Since a few weeks ago, whenever I joined the scripting section there were pages (and no I'm not overreacting) filled with random questions, barely understandable text (there are language specific sub-forums so that's no excuse) and zero information on what the problem is, nor an effort from the poster's part. All that just made me close the tab and ignore all posts despite my original will to read a few topics and try to help. Hopefully these new rules would be obeyed.

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Yet no new guys seem to use code snippets now... xD

Maybe add some kind of detection for code and if it's there, like a function...  Then it'd make a popup suggesting the code snippet button?

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