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Hey, I was a big fan of the v4 server so I thought I will check out the 0.5, and urm... yeah it is great, all until my Virus scan detected that the mtaclient.exe has some sort of Trojen in it.

I took it off (I didn't want to risk it) and I was just wondering why it would do that.

I use McAfee Internet Security Suite with the latest DAT (in fact it just updated before it found the virus)

Is there anyway around this as I don't really want a Virus on my computer.

I want to be able to play the game again!


I just done a scan and the computer didn't find anything, so I installed the client again (which I forgot to mention I did download from the first server on the list!) and done another scan, same thing happened :?

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Ok, I didn't look to be honest, I thought that it may have been fixed in a patch or something (I haven't got round to installing it yet)

I thought it seemed a bit weird that it hadn't actually affected any other files. I take it I am not the only one with this problem.

just checking as I am planning on having a laugh tomorrow night.

I take it that it doesn't actually "have" that virus, just detects it incorrectly.

Don't mean to offend any of the coders. :lol:


Sorry I have actually read the other post like this. Cheers for your help! :D

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