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Admin+ is not a type of admin level, it's the "extra" stuff that goes to MTA:mA, player's co-ords, health, vehicle, etc...

You can slap someone whilst in-game by writing and running a small script (which can be run alongside, or with MTA:mA:GRS which i assume ur using)


on *:SIGNAL:mta.command:{
 if ($3 == !slap) mta.slap $1 $4

...of course anyone can use that, and it only works when you use an ID number as $4 (token after !slap), and it would say "admin slaps unknown" if the ID wasn't present - but, the ammount of "fixes" you can add to any small script-command are endless, thats the whole fun of it, learning how to write and fix :wink:

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