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few questions related to mta blue's features

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1: somebody from the mta team once said that the ingame chat will be optimized, in what way? for example, will you be able to use more characters(or whatever the right word is, i mean things like { and })?

2: the rocket launcher and sniper rifle will be included right? what kind of animations will be used for those weapons? (i mean the animations that you see, once you hit somebody), the ones you see when you shoot a pedestrian, or different ones( i saw that gtac was using different ones, so i was just wondering what's the case with mta blue)

3: gtavc has a carlimit, the current mta version doesn't have a method to bypass it. what about mta blue? will there be a way to bypass it? such as spawning vehicles only in the range of a player, and remove them, once the cars are out of the range of the player?

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Why you would wish to know, being a self confessed disliker and non-player MTA is beyond me, however, for those genuinely interested with no ulterior motive:

The chat is improved, exactly how you will need to wait and see.

Weapons will work, and very well.

There will be plenty of vehicles ingame.

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