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Would any one like to see harvest moon 64 in MTA?

Harvest moon 64 in mta?  

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  1. 1. Want to see a full harvest moon 64 (With updated stuff) server in mta?

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    • No

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After my current project is in operational stages I'm thinking of ripping the harvest moon map, updating it and scripting all the harvest moon 64 stuff into MTA, anyone interested in this? I'm thinking of having a huge global farm people can mess around with. Or maybe multiple farms something like that, I want to combine all of the levels of the map, and extend onto them; making something awesome.

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One of the few games I didn't end up playing on the N64, nonetheless it would be awesome to see it in MTA. :)

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First time hearing about that game.

I think better would be to export Chernarus from Arma2 with all the models but optimized so it won't lag (low size models). I'd suggest to actually make it smaller size aswell tbh 'cause then it would be easier to finish it and would speed process up, but it's definetly not an easy task but would be cool to see this map for MTA. Because then would be really cool to play DayZ on it and even any other type of gamemode especially which is like survival type, 'cause there is much places to explore.


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Issue in that is the legality, I can only do games that have become "Abandonware / unsupported". Harvest moon is still available for sale, but general legality in it is that I wouldn't get stuck due to it. Arma however is still semi-supported and is still sold on it's original console.

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