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Modded vc

Guest Electroshape

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Hi, i just reinstalled VC, i bought a new computer. Now i wanna test some skins for the cars etc, but i know that it will come up a warning @ start game. But is it anyhow i could separate them, so when i wanna play MTA it choses another one, well its hard to explain i hope you understand. Or if its somehow to make it another way?

Im swede so im warning you for my spelling.

Regards. Electroshape

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Quick explanation of what I did:

-Installed Vice City to it's default folder (c:\program files\rockstar games\grand theft auto vice city)

-Installed MTA

-Pointed MTA to the Vice City exe file

-Made a new folder within the rockstar folder (c:\program files\rockstar games\GTALN)

-Copied the entire Vice City folder into the GTALN folder

-Deleted the MTA folder from the GTALN folder

I tried to do it a few months before, but I instead had MTA pointed to the copied folder and nothing worked right.

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