Server not appearing in MTA MAster List

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Rob0    0

Port 22126 UDP is open.      f** yeah!

Port 22003 UDP is open.      f*** yeah!

Port 22005 TCP is open.     f*** yeah!

There have been no changes to my VPS in 6 months. Server runs all day everyday. Is listed all day everyday.

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Rob0    0

We are listed on game-state

We are here: mtasa:// but the only traffic I am getting is from favorites.

We are no longer listed on the MTA Client.

Can't say i've seen the total server count as low as 3,800 in a while either.

Maybe it is not just me.

But this is killing my server.

Ideas? Solutions?

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ccw    159

It's a problem here. Should be fixed soon.

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Rob0    0

We're back! Thank you CCW for the quick response and solution.

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