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Dodo didnt respawn

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I was practicing flying the dodo in one server, then i flipped it but it didnt explode (IT DIDNT EXPLODE!) so i took out my shotty shot the dodo and this is what happened


It stayed like this for about 30 seconds then i turned away then it disappeared and it didnt respawn

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I think someone was cheating and made that plane explosionproof or something. It's possible, I saw many cheating ppl, that em cars we're bulletproof, etc... But, sometime, when I connected to EMPTY server, then flying around LC, I DROWNED - that wasn't explosion! Maybe next bug.

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No, Shady. Sometimes planes just don't blow up, which would suck for Dodo Duels. Sometimes they blow up and don't disapear. Sometimes they stick in the water like a mini-island. Blame MTA. rofl

lmfao i found some places in the water where you cant make vehicles explode. I got to shoot it until it did

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