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who can help me with the server?

Guest [CoK]Hitman

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I created a server got in as admin ...

but i wont to make scripts somepeople says that i need to download some programs and then to make scripts.

can someone tell me where can i download them, what they names of this programs and how to make with them scripts(i think i will understand alone how to make scripts i need only the programs and the name of them). :tomcat:


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you need mirc and then mta:ma made by aeron and oli has a mta:ma:grs script that is very good and widely used. i would give you links but im lazy :lol:


ah what the heck here you go :)



mta:ma: (download all MTA:mA v3.22 files)




but you can figure out your self how to use it cuz im too lazy to explain :lol:

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LOL, i even don't know to whom connect and how to control it... :lol:

u right k00ner this too exausting i prefere to play(connect to another server) and not to make server and all this things(b**ls**t)

Thanks u!!! :wink:

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well it aint that hard if u stick to the readmes lol

first of make sure your ports are forawarded 2003 and 4003 (default admin port)

install mirc

then extract mta:ma into your mirc folder (NOT IN A SUBFOLDER)

then extract mta:ma:grs into your mirc folder (NOT IN A SUBFOLDER)

then open mirc and type //load -rs mta.mrc

then a dialog pops up, go to file then scripts and click load then go to mtama.mrc and load it, a new dialog will pop up, configure how you wish

then using mta:ma connect to your server

you will need your:


admin port:

game port:

admin password:

all this stuff is configureable in the .conf file in your server folder or eaisly done by using the auto server configurer that mta has supplied :)

hope it helped

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