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Need a bit of help

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Hi guys, who made VC go online, because alot of people that i know have proplems with it, such as stupud proplems, now i have had alot, just to play the game online i have 4matted my computer twich, now i plyed this game online about 5 months back, it worked perfect with the old upgrade which was the eye one, cant remember, the new 5.0 something like that, i have been having a few proplems with it, here guys hope you guys can help:

I have got the game not copied or anything running everything sweet until i get this message:


I have downloaded the rite one, i am not trying to make a server, so i should of downloaded the rite one, which is:

Name: MultiTheftAuto 0.5 Installer

Before all this, this was ages ago, this is when i had it along time back, no errors or nothing PERFECT:


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