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DNA - Deadly Night Assassins - Online Gaming Clan

Guest Team.DNA

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About DNA

Deadly Night Assassins is an online gaming clan, we are currently playing CS:S, MTA:VC Deathmatch, MTA:VC Stunt and MTA:GTA3. DNA was formed last year and is still going on. Deadly Night Assassins is currently recruiting, anyone interested in joining then please contact with DNA leaders. If any gang wants to play nice and organised clanwar with us please leave your message here or post your challenge on our forums.

DNA Servers

[DNA] - Deadly Night Assasins - Public ( Vice City )

[DNA] - Deadly Night Assasins – Private ( Vice City )

[DNA] - Deadly Night Assasins – Stunt ( Vice City )

[DNA] - Deadly Night Assasins – Public ( GTA3 )

Other Servers

Teamspeak server:

Web Site

Under Construction


We are currently recruiting in MTA, the minimum requirements to join are:

- You must be over 16 years of age - If you fail to meet this requirement then you will not be accepted into the clan.

- People who play daily - We prefer active people for gangwars etc, so this is an important point to consider before applying.

- Respect other DNA members and fellow gamers.

- And last of all, be willing to try your hardest for the clan.

DNA Multi Theft Auto Roster


[DNA]JunX: Leader/Founder


[DNA]Dopey: Co-Leader

[DNA]Capo: Co-Leader


[DNA]Bungle: Scripter

[DNA]SmartiE: Scripter


[DNA]Crack: Match Leader


[DNA]Lfm: Full Member

[DNA]Mr.KriX: Full Member

[DNA]Destiny: Full Member

[DNA]Yetty: Full Member


[DNA]NoStyle: Honorary

[DNA]Jenna: Honorary

Total Full Members: 10

Total Honorary Members: 2

Total Members: 12

Members Limit: 15

Match Rules

Game Type

- There will be 3 rounds (Attack Base, Defend Base and Free For All)

- You will have 1 Life in each round, when you are killed, go into spectator mode and do not respawn.

- No killing or spawnkilling before GO! is called by both teamleaders and referee.


- Base Must Be Reachable By Foot. (You may have a few on a roof)

- At least 1 player must stay at base.

- Base must not have a interior graphic (E.G: Bank)


- Chrome Shotgun (Cop Shotgun) is the only weapon pickup allowed.

- If you pickup weapons from dead bodies in 1 round you must respawn for next round.

Helikilling and Carkilling

- No helikilling, helis for transport only. If there is a helikill during a round, the helikilled team can decide whether to redo the round or let the round continue.

If the round is redone, and during the redo round there is a helikill, the helikilled team can decide between their win or letting the round continue.

- Car killing is disallowed in every round apart from the final TDM round.

More Rules

- Crash/Pop-up/Time-out in combat = OUT of Round.

- No Cheating, Modding, Glitching, Pausing/Escing etc.

- Hp pickup is allowed.

- Armor pickup is disallowed.

- All spawns allowed.

DNA Match Statistics

Wars Played: 13

Wins: 11

Losses: 2

Below is More Detailed Stats:

1. DNA vs SoL 2 : 1 to DNA 12/05/05

2. DNA vs RP 1 : 2 to RP 13/05/05

3. DNA vs KB 2 : 1 to DNA 14/05/05

4. DNA vs KB 2 : 1 to DNA 15/05/05

5. DNA vs AnK 2 : 1 to DNA 16/05/05

6. DNA vs RP 2 : 0 to DNA 16/05/05

7. DNA vs VCES 2 : 0 to DNA 21/05/05

8. DNA vs RP 2 : 0 to DNA 22/05/05

9. DNA vs VCES 2 : 0 to DNA 23/05/05

10. DNA vs RP 2 : 1 to DNA 24/05/05

11. DNA vs XII 2 : 1 to DNA 27/05/05

12. DNA vs SGB 3 : 0 to DNA 28/05/05

13. DNA vs XII 1 : 2 to XII 30/05/05

Contact Us

If you need to contact us about Joining DNA, organising a match or have any questions contact either one of the leaders:

JunX (leader)

Dopey (co.leader)

Capo (co.leader)(msn only)

Multi Theft Auto Forum Moderators please delete old DNA Clan topic, we made new one only cuz [DNA]JunX have been banned from these forums and noone of us dont have access for hes first post.


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