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Level Scoreboard

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Hello guys! I have problem with my script, anyone help?

Level Server

exports.scoreboard:addScoreboardColumn ( "Level", getRootElement(), 9, 0.07 ) 
function scoreLevel () 
local account = getPlayerAccount(source) 
local level = getElementData(source,"level") or 0 
if isGuestAccount ( account ) then 
setElementData(source, "level",":img/Guest.png") 
local test = ":img/"..tostring(level)..".png" 
setElementData(source, "level", test and {type = "image", src =  test, height = 12, width = 16} or "N/A") 
addEventHandler("onPlayerSpawn", getRootElement(), scoreLevel) 

Scoreboard Client

Debug: attempt to index global 'column' (a nil value)

elseif column.name == "Level" then  
dxDrawImage( topX+theX, y-s(0.5), 30, 30, content, 0, 0, 0, cWhite, drawOverGUI ) 


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First remove your code en Scoreboard Client then change level to Level en setElementData

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